Tax de sejour - the tourism contribution

Pays de Fontenay-Vendée

The tax de sejour, an essential resource!

Declare the tax online (for tourism professionals) 

The tax de séjour - what is it? What does it pay for?

On the territory of the Pays de Fontenay-Vendée, a visitor's tax is required from all persons paying for accommodation. The following exemptions apply:

  • persons under 18,
  • holders of a seasonal employment contracts employed in the municipality,
  • beneficiaries of emergency housing or temporary relocation,
  • persons occupying premises with a rent less than 2 €
  • owners of a second home for which they pay local housing tax.

This tax makes it possible to finance tourism promotion, making it possible not to base the financing of this type of project solely on the inhabitants of the territory via their local taxes.

The tourist tax helps to improve tourist reception, and is collected by the host on behalf of the Pays de Fontenay-Vendée. Its rates are fixed for each type of accommodation and according to the classification, per person and per overnight stay.

Application of the tax

For 2020, the tax de séjour applies from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

Hosts can declare their tourist tax directly online, on the 3D ouest platform.

As a reminder:

Any local inhabitant offering a furnished apartment and/or one or more furnished rooms in his/her home to accommodate tourists, must make a declaration to the town hall of the place of residence.

The declaration must specify:

  • the identity of the inhabitant
  • identification of the inhabitant's home address
  • the number of rooms rented out
  • the maximum number of people that can be accommodated
  • the rental periods provided.

The declaration, which is the subject of an acknowledgement of receipt, may be:

  • deposited in town hall
  • sent by e-mail or sent by registered letter.

Any changes to the information provided must be declared.

Declaration in the town hall for guest houses - Cerfa form n° 13566*03

Declaration in the town hall for furnished accommodation - Cerfa form n° 14004*04

Mandatory, except if the accommodation is the main residence of the renter (occupation of the furnished accommodation for a minimum of 8 months per year).

Further information

For any further information, contact the Tax de Séjour service:

Katia LUCAS, Tourism Department of the Community of Communes Pays de Fontenay-Vendée
+33 (0)2 51 69 44 64