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Vouvant by night

Spotlight on the mediaeval town

Night-time walks around Vouvant

The town reveals another face to the visitor when discovered by night. Stroll under the lampposts of the old streets, feel the warmth of the stones soaked in the summer sun, watch the play of shadows and light on centuries-old monuments... follow the footsteps of your guide on a nocturnal walk around Vouvant.

Strolling through the mediaeval town on a summer evening

Discovering Vouvant by night brings a magical dimension to your visit. To see the illuminated ramparts along the banks of the river Mère, you'll Vouvant from the "Petit Château" on the other side of the river. From its promontory, you'll be able to admire the reflection of the mediaeval walls on the peaceful expanse of the river. This magical view begins a wonderful tour. Take the bridge to reach the town on foot through Poterne gate.

This passageway pierces the town wall and leads to a picturesque lane with dry stone facades. Walking up the street below the ramparts in the silence and darkness of the night the atmosphere is magical - you can almost hear Melusine the fairy following your footsteps.

In the dark night, strewn with stars, we reach the guard house and then the church. In the soft floodlighting you'll be shown the fabulous creatures carved into the capitals of the Romanesque portal. Continue along the Grande Rue to the Mélusine tower. The castle keep of our local fairy is surrounded by majestic trees shining under a golden

Night in Vouvant

Nocturnal tours are available throughout the summer in Vouvant — strolls in the streets of the town, concerts in the church during the "Musical Nights in Vendée" festival, and exhibitions by artists at the "Nocturne des arts."

Discover the village of Vouvant, under a starry sky!

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