• to enjoy nature

The Marais Poitevin, a preserved natural environment

Animals and plant life

A day to discover the Marais Poitevin from a different angle...

Morning hike

The regional nature reserve of the village of Poiré-sur-Velluire invites you to hike around this natural water meadow and observe the diversity of the fauna and flora.

The communal - common pasture - is home to 98 species of plants, 30 of which are classed as "remarkable" and 5 of which have protected status, alongside 163 species of birds including 87 remarkable and protected species.


For your lunch break, enjoy local specialities in the restaurants around the Marais Poitevin or have a picnic in the countryside.

Discover the drained meadows of the Marais

Start your afternoon with a visit to the Maison du Maître de Dykes (Master of drainage works) in Chaillé-les-Marais. Despite its mundane name, this is a very interesting place, which describes how the wetlands were reclaimed from the sea in the seventeenth century and onwards.

New in 2018: the children can go in search of Margaux the water fairy! (game booklet for 7-12 year olds).

Finish your day with the exploration of the Departemental Biological Reserve of Nalliers - Mouzeuil-Saint-Martin. This reserve is the ideal place to get an idea of the exceptional biodiversity of the Marais Poitevin.

Two free discovery trails to follow - and you can also visit the small museum in the Maison de la Réserve to discover all the ecological diversity of the area..

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