©O. Sauzereau
La Chapelle-aux-Lys

The eyes on the stars

Far from the tumult and the light pollution of your life, let enjoy the Celeste world, the history of astronomy and the joy of observing the stars.

Let yourself be surprised by the village of La Chapelle-aux-Lys, certify “Village étoilé, 4 étoiles” (starred village, 4 stars), which hide its charms well.

An exceptional place in Vendée

the Planetarium

The planetarium is the first of his kind in Vendée. The town is the smallest village to own such equipment. It allows you to travel far away and discover the solar system, the galaxy and how it works.  Opened in 2019, the planetarium is a must-see with your family while you are in the south of Vendée.

A 360° screening under the starry sky

Enjoy the starry sky with a 360° screening on a hemispherical dome for 20 minutes to an hour. A true immersive experience where you will find yourself impressed by how small we are compared to the universe.

During that journey, you will learn some astronomical facts and discover the history of the universe and the solar system.

An extraordinary adventure with a commentary from either Olivier Sauzereau, an astro photographer, or one of the other experienced volunteer of the Astrolys association.


La Chapelle-aux-Lys, a land of stars

A well-known village for its night sky full of stars


In the south of Vendée, La Chapelle-aux-Lys is a small village of 250 inhabitants.  The village has the quality label “Village étoilé, 4 étoiles” (starred village, 4 stars) for its starry night sky. A true recognition !

But what does this quality label mean ? This label is given to cities where the lights are limited to preserve the quality of the night sky and avoid light pollution. Here, we are protecting the night and the nocturnal wildlife.

Other villages of Vendée’s wooded countryside have this label, like Marillet “Village étoilé, 4 étoiles”, Breuil Barret “Village étoilé, 3 étoiles”, Cezais “Village étoilé, 2 étoiles”, and Bazoges-en-Pared “Village étoilé, 1 étoiles”.

The sky of the south of Vendée won’t let you indifferent and will accompany you during your trip.