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The mining experience

Discover the incredible history and adventure of the miners through the village, the museum, the chapel, or the headframe of Epagne.

©portrait d'un mineur|A. Lamoureux / Vendée Expansion

A village of mining tradition

The discovery of a coal seam in 1827 initiates the industrial mining adventure between Vendée and Deux-Sèvres.

Gradually the wooded countryside changed with the mine complex, miner’s cottages and other industries that shaped the territory and marked the inhabitant of the area. Social life was organized by the mining company, so they built a true company town.

Men and children went down to 525m underground to dig this coal. This precious ore was very useful to industries or as a heating system. It kept the area going for 130 years until it was shut down in 1958.

The mining centre of Faymoreau

Discover this small mine of the wooded countryside and the history of coal.

Become a miner during your visit, cross the several rooms of the museum and “go down” to the mine to find how the miners worked.

The stained-glass window of the miner’s chapel


Push the door of the chapel and admire sumptuous stained-glass made by the artist Carmelo Zagari.

A mix of unique shape, colour, and symbols in tribute to the miners of the area.