Vouvant patrimoine - Sommet de la tour Mélusine
©Mehdi Média
Vouvant, medieval city

Go up to the Melusine Tower

From the former castle, Vouvant has kept the ramparts and the dungeon. The Melusine tower offers a remarkable view of the medieval city and the forest of Mervent-Vouvant.

The Melusine Tower is currently closed, reopening in April 2024.

Retrieve the key of the dungeon


To visit the inside of the tower, you’ll have to go to the tourist office of Vouvant, situated in front of the tower on the Bail square (opened from April to November).

Only there, will you be able to have the precious key to explore the dungeon. The discovery of the former domain of the Fairy Melusine will take you around 20 to 30 minutes.

The tower of the Lusignan


The legend says that the fairy Melusine built the castle in one night with “an apron full of stones and a mouthful of water”.

The visit of the tower


Dated from the 13th century, you’ll have to take the external staircase to go up to the first floor of the tower where the main entrance is situated.

Then, the interior staircase will lead you to the first level and its arched room. The steps that lead to the second floor are unusual since they are reversed from the staircase : a technique used to slow the enemies.

In the next room, a portrait of the fairy Melusine, to remember us that we are indeed in her home. Some say that she still haunts the ruins

The top of the Melusine Tower

a panoramic view

When you reach the top, there is fantastic 360° view. A weather vane shaped as the half snake fairy decorates the tower. With its height of 36 metres, the guards could easily watch over the forest and the wooded countryside.

The view goes from the top the forest of Mervent-Vouvant to the city of la Chataigneraie, and of course the small streets of Vouvant, its church, and the river.

A viewpoint indicator was placed to help you identify the different point of the landscape.

Useful information

Price for the keys

2,00 € per adult (above 12 years old)
1,00 € per child (between 7 and 12 years old)
Free under 7 years old

Length : 20 to 30 minutes


Opening hours

It’s only possible to rent the key during the opening hours of the tourist office of Vouvant (30 min maximum before the closing time).

You don’t need to book your visit in advance, the keys are given directly on site, with a maximum of keys at the same time.