Vouvant patrimoine - tour Mélusine
©Alexandre LAMOUREUX

Vouvant, medieval city

One of the most beautiful villages of France

Close to the forest of Mervent-Vouvant, discover the village of Vouvant and wander along the narrow streets to the Melusine tower, the former keep, and admire the old ramparts.

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A history

Awarded with several distinctions like “most beautiful village of France” or “Petites cités de caractère”, Vouvant and its charms was elected as one of the favourite villages of the French.

Discover its history and its legends like the fairy Melusine who has been ever-present in the city.

Vouvant & Mélusine

City of legend

According to the legend, the fairy Melusine, half-woman half-snake, is the builder of the city. In a night with “an apron full of stones and a mouthful of water”, she built the castle from which only the keep remains now. Thanks to her talents and man’s ingenuity, the church with its beautiful stone arches and all those narrow streets that go down towards the river “Mère” were also constructed.

Headquarters of artists


Is the fairy Melusine a Muse ? Is she the one that attract artists to the village ? Or are they inspired by the bucolic atmosphere ? Well, whatever the reason, they chose Vouvant.