Foussais-Payré - Sculptures à la Tronçonneuse
©David Herbreteau
Chainsaw sculptures

The path of sculptor

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Every 2 years at the end of July, chainsaw woodcarvers come from all over France and beyond to work their craft during a 4-day event. This event, called The Symposium of chainsaw sculpture of Foussais-Payré, is an opportunity to make the most of their talent and to give trees a second life.

The next edition is scheduled in July 2024.

The sculptures


The symposium is not a contest or a theme exercise, it is a free artistic event. That is why every artist can choose the wood they want to work on and the sculpture they want to do.

At the end of those 4 days, all the chainsaw sculptures are displayed in the village of Foussais-Payré.

The sculptors lend their sculpture to the village for 1 year so that everyone can come to admire them freely in different part of the town.

The connected sculptures


To fully enjoy each the sculpture and learn about the artist who made it, you can use your smartphone !

Each sculpture has QR code which invites people to discover a video that presents the chainsaw sculptor.

Don’t hesitate to borrow freely a tablet to the shopkeepers in the village to fully discover the secrets of the symposium !

Next edition of

the symposium of the chainsaw sculpture

is scheduled in July 2024