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Poitevin marsh

Go hot-air ballooning

Have you ever dreamed to fly among the clouds ?

This unique experience will be a wonderful memento of your holidays in Vendée. Let’s meet at dawn with Yann, an experienced aeronaut. He will take you for a 1-hour long flight above the Poitevin marsh.

Explore the Poitevin marsh

from the sky


Are you ready to discover the Poitevin marsh with our pilot Yann ? The meeting point is the car park of the Autremont in Coulon (except for special occasions).

To define the take-off place, Yann will throw a helium balloon in the sky and observe the direction of the wind. Then, you’ll go by car to the take-off place with all the equipment (either Coulon, Le Mazeau, Damvix, la Ronde or Vix).

Get the hot-air balloon ready


You will help Yann spread out the enormous sail of the balloon in the wind direction.
It’ll be then fixed to the basket, then to a fan. After that, the aeronaut will fill the sail with cold air to later warm it with the burner. The sail will slowly go up. One set up in the basket, you’ll go up into the sky !

The flight


At dawn, you’ll be able to see a stunning landscape. From far away, you’ll see the bay of l’Aiguillon, the canals of theGreen Venice, the abbey of Maillezais

A spectacular show : the blue sky, the white clouds, the marsh different shade of green… The wind gently caressing your face.

A magic time during your holidays in Vendée, which will be etched forever in your memory


your flight