L'étrange Balade de Fontenay au parc Baron - Les FontenautesL'étrange Balade de Fontenay au parc Baron - Les Fontenautes
©L'étrange Balade de Fontenay au parc Baron - Les Fontenautes|Le Crabe Fantôme
On the steps of the Fontenautes

The strange stroll of Fontenay

Discover Fontenay-le-Comte with an audio guide (only in french) ! A curious personage escorts you, like an invisible or imaginary friend and guides you as they go along their wandering.

A sound and imaginary route


The strange stroll of Fontenay is an adventure with an audio guide that will show you the city under a new light. The equipment will track your progression by GPS across the city and the small voice will guide you bit by bit.

Though the street of the city, follow the small voice. It will lead you and introduce you to several characters, real or not, who once upon a time walked across Fontenay. Those people are known as the “Fontenautes.”

Let’s go meet Tanagrau, the giant that lives in the Pérate hotel, the undines which populated the river Vendée, the field mouse which idolized the Belliard General or the two roosters which keep insulting each other.

Dive into this strange atmosphere

  • Extract number 1 : the undines
extrait-letrange-balade-de-fontenay-les-ondines.mp3Extrait l'Etrange balade de Fontenay_Les Ondines.
  • Extract number 2 : the sleeper of Chaix
extrait-la-dormeuse-de-chaix-court.mp3Extrait La Dormeuse de Chaix.

This stroll is a product of Akken and the company Digital Samovar          
Writing and dramaturgy : Pascaline Marot           
Writing and geolocation : Grégoire Gorbatchevsky          
Sound and musical effect : Yannick Donet            
Direction : Laurence Giuliani       
Technology : Philippe Lechat

Useful information


Times : during the opening hours of the tourist office (1h30 before the closing hour)

Length : 1h30

Prices : 8,00 € for adults, 4,00 € for children (until 16 years old)

Minimum age recommended : 8 years old
Group until 15 people


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