Parc Baron Fontenay-le-Comte - parc en famille
©Julien Gazeau
A family outing one afternoon

In the Baron Park

When the weather is more clement, what’s better than an afternoon in the Baron Park ? This site of 3 hectares combines historical heritage, architecture, green space, and playground for the children.

The remains of Fontenay’s fortified castle


With 4 entrances, you have several options to go to the Baron Park. Pick one among the Genève Street, the Pinier Street, Emile Boutin Street, or Mouillebert no-through road.

Let’s talk about the history of the park.

In the 11th century, there was a castle on a rocky escarpment that overlooked the river Vendée. It had 6 towers linked by a curtain wall. In the 13th century, fortified walls were added to surround the upper city. Unfortunately, it was damaged quite badly at the end of the Middle Age and destroyed during the French Revolution.

However, several parts of the castle remain today : the Romanesque keep of the 12th century, the bastion of Guinefolle, the Boulaye tower which was changed in the 16th century and some walls.

But the history of the Baron Park doesn’t end here.

The “Baron” castle


In 1819, Jean Baron bought the ruin site and transformed it in an ornamental garden. Later in 1841, he built the “Baron” house where the former lord’s abode used to be. It rested on the east wall of Fontenay-le-Comte.

Then, in 1878, his descendant Edgar built the “Baron castle” on the north side of the park. This luxurious villa mixes different architectural style like Romanesque and Renaissance. That style is typical of the end of 19th century. From the Pinier street, you will able to see its towers, its small clock tower and balustrades.

The Baron Park and it medieval garden

Even if you can’t visit the castle, you can freely wander in the park, which look like a small forest.

While you enjoy your walk in the park, you will see a lot of different types of trees, some native like oaks, lindens, chestnut trees, and other more exotic like cedar from the Himalayas, tulip tree from Virginia and Ginkgo Bilboa.

At the bottom of the walls, you’ll find a garden inspired by the medieval ones. It was created forty years ago by a city gardener.

At its top, the park offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city and the historical centre. You will be able to observe from there the Saint Jean and Notre-Dame churches, the Gobin hotel… it also has a picnic area and a playground.

The "Parcabout"

a place to have fun with your family

Cherry on the top, the Baron Park is also a place where you can have fun between the trees with the Parcabout. It’s not a treetop course, but more like an adventure park in the trees.

You don’t need any specific equipment. You just climb, jump, or run between the trees on a suspended safety net that can be in some places 9 meters above the ground. From the age of 4 to 99, you can enjoy a physical activity while having a good laugh and a nice view of Fontenay-le-Comte.


your ticket for the Parcabout